Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I made this blog for it to be my "proper" blog, but alas, I cannot leave the original! It was getting a little redundant to be updating so many different social websites!

Looks like I'm making some tweaks to my Tumblr site, and forgoing this one. I'm sorry! I did set up Google Friend Reader so you can follow my other fashion blog. You can also follow as a Google Reader, Tumblr, or Bloglovin! I've decided to incorporate everything I wanted this blog to be into the one I already have. Lots of outfit and lifestyle picture posts! Lots of original content and eye candy. I update it much more frequently, and will have full sized pictures on it, as I did on here!
So, please check it out and follow if you like.


Thanks so much! I may be back eventually. For now, you can find me over there! :)

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