Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I made this blog for it to be my "proper" blog, but alas, I cannot leave the original! It was getting a little redundant to be updating so many different social websites!

Looks like I'm making some tweaks to my Tumblr site, and forgoing this one. I'm sorry! I did set up Google Friend Reader so you can follow my other fashion blog. You can also follow as a Google Reader, Tumblr, or Bloglovin! I've decided to incorporate everything I wanted this blog to be into the one I already have. Lots of outfit and lifestyle picture posts! Lots of original content and eye candy. I update it much more frequently, and will have full sized pictures on it, as I did on here!
So, please check it out and follow if you like.


Thanks so much! I may be back eventually. For now, you can find me over there! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach Baby!

Sorry for the long time no see! I went on an impromptu vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the boy. It was full of ups and downs, featuring the first hotel being a crack house, searching for an unbooked hotel on spring break til 4am, a Motel 6, followed by the most amazing hotel stay and enjoyable weekend at a 4 star hotel for next to nothing! (Name your own price on priceline.com is the bomb!) I figure I payed my dues the first couple days to be pampered the next! We had a really enjoyable, fun time! This is what I wore out to the beach a few days. One of the guys working at the B Ocean hotel said I looked fabulous! I felt pretty fabulous in it! :) I really loved how the bathing suit also worked as a cute halter with a skirt so I could wear it pretty much anywhere! 
Swimsuit: Walmart $32
Black skirt: NY&CO $30
Sandals: DSW $90
Dolce & Gabbana Bag: Bought in Italy
Cat-eye Sunglasses: Walmart $5
Hat: Borrowed from my mom. :)

 The View from our room.

 Best place to eat! 

 Mojitos by the pool

 Pool at night
 Our amazing room!

 More room views

 Hotel lobby
 Primanti's famous sandwich
Beach's best friend. :)

Hope you guys have an amazing Spring Break as well!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Embellish Plus Boutique opens!

So I had an abolutely fabulous weekend doing my first every photoshoot for Embellish Plus Boutique! They're a new company just starting out with some truly beautiful and affordable pieces. The entire time I was putting on clothes for the shoot, I kept telling the owner that I wanted to take it all home! Susie Simpkins is the owner and creator of Embellish Plus Boutique. I've known her for years and we have always both shared a passion for plus size fashion that has driven us both. Naturally, I was very excited to see her pursue her dream! When I asked Susie to tell me a little bit about her new store, she expressed her love for the fashion industry and her want to provide trendy, fabulous clothes for every plus size girl:

"I have loved fashion ever since I could remember. Being Plus-Size all my life, I have felt like I always needed to "go the extra mile" when it came to my style. Hoping people would see past me being FAT or CURVY and just enjoy my style and the outfits I wore.

In 2005 I graduated with a B.A. in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. After college I really didn't do much with my degree. I continued to work different Retail jobs. I always worked in Plus-Size stores. I got very familiar with how the Retail/Fashion Plus-Size industry works. I knew one day I wanted to either have MY own store or design MY own line. I felt like there could always be MORE out there for Plus-Size girls than what was being offered. But it wasn't until 2010 I finally put all my thoughts and ideas together.

Embellish Plus Boutique sells Trendy, Fashionable, and Affordable Plus-Size Clothing and Accessories. There is a big focus on dresses and jewelry. Their Mission is to empower women to embrace their curves and let it be known that you can look and
feel great at ANY size."

These are just a few of my favorite shots I was in for the website. Please go check out her brand new shop at www.embellishplusboutique.com for more pictures and to get some really great clothes! I know I am. 

All clothing provided by www.embellishplusboutique.com

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleopatra Inspired

I didn’t see or think that when I bought this AMAZING tunic, but my fiance pointed it out to me. I can definitely see it in the sparkle, the color, and the shape of the sleeves. Plus my haircut and the eyeliner; it’s definitely an inspired look! This is one of my favorite tops right now. It’s well made and makes me feel understatedly glamourous. I wore this for my fiance’s birthday dinner at the Vortex. It was pretty low key, being a Monday and all. 

Tunic: Macy's $65
Leggings: Torrid $28
Boots: Kohl's $55
Earrings: Forever 21 $2
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson via Macy's $35

I ended up baking him a silly little cake for his birthday that I was kind of proud of, and ended up putting up the Christmas decorations, finally! I was a bit sad to see all my beautiful ornaments go in a box, but it just is a reminder of it being a brand new year.  Overall, it was a day full of sparkles and sprinkles! Oh, and amazing food.

Monday, January 10, 2011

State of Emergency

Oh man! I think today has been on of the most fun days I've had in awhile. Spring semester of college was supposed to start, but Mother Nature answered our "I'm not ready" prayers and gave Atlanta about 8 inches of snow over night! It hasn't snowed here like that in years. Needless to say, everyone was outside playing all day. We reluctantly drove up to the gas station for beer, then spent the rest of the day sledding on pool toys, taking photos, and going on walks. It was fabulous. I took a picture of my outfit, but I honestly do not have a wardrobe prepared to be cute in snow. I ended up dressing for warmth rather than style, so I'm forgo-ing the photo. Sorry! It's in both our best interests.

Here's some pretty snow photos to look at. We will be back to your regularly scheduled outfits tomorrow. I've got several piled up from the past week that will be making their way to you shortly.